Welkom bij het High Tech Crit Festival.

We zien je graag op het High Tech Crit Festival. Een uniek concept waarbij technologie wordt gecombineerd met wielrennen en plezier. Schrijf je nu in.

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Innovation Festival

Innovation Festival

It is our ambition to put Eindhoven on the map as Europe’s innovative cycling capital. The High-Tech Campus is known across the globe as the smartest square kilometer in Europe where 160 companies and 11,000 employees are engaged in innovative technological developments.

The cycling festival seamlessly joins this stature by making innovation the main theme during all side events. These events will take place around a large hospitality court with food trucks, lively outdoor terraces and music!

Here is a concise summary of what you can expect to see:

• A virtual challenge on a large stage
• An open-air fair offering the very latest within the realm of cycling
• The possibility to try out innovative bicycles
• Companies such as Shimano will be revealing innovations
• Virtual reality
• Live action footage on large screens during the criterium
• Corporate teams doing wind tunnel assessments
• An exhibition of futuristic bikes by various designers

We welcome visitors!