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We zien je graag op het High Tech Crit Festival. Een uniek concept waarbij technologie wordt gecombineerd met wielrennen en plezier. Schrijf je nu in.

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NK Bike Couriers

NK Bike Couriers

NK Bicycle Couriers
Saturday, June 22nd, the title fight for the best bicycle courier in the Netherlands will be fierce. There will be 3 races to win the national title of the NK Fietskoerieren; ladies, gentlemen and cargo bike.

The NK bike couriers is much more than just fast cycling because you have to determine the most efficient route yourself, as in reality, you have to think and plan carefully how you will cycle. The race consists of several heats where you have to cycle along different checkpoints in each heat.
The couriers who work most efficiently and are therefore the fastest at all checkpoints in the right order move on to the next heats. In the end, the winner is the first to cross the finish line.

Side events
After the main race is over, there are still some loose parts, such as track stand and tricks. These will take place during the day/evening between the other events.
The track stand, standing still, starts with two hands and two feet on the bike. As soon as you put one foot on the ground, you lose weight. The organization indicates each time what the next step is, a hand loose, a foot loose. It is made more and more difficult until one person is left.
During this tricks competition you can show off your best tricks on the bike. A jury decides who shows the best performance and level of difficulty.

The organization of the NK Fietskoerieren is organized by Tour de Ville Fietskoeriers from Eindhoven.

  • Start at 18.00 hrs.
  • Location Grandcafé The Colour Kitchen
  • Participation €19.50