Welkom bij het High Tech Crit Festival.

We zien je graag op het High Tech Crit Festival. Een uniek concept waarbij technologie wordt gecombineerd met wielrennen en plezier. Schrijf je nu in.

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Tour the Campus

Tour the Campus

A fun relay race especially for friends and business teams!

Tour de Campus is not a team time trial, but a relay fun competition in which you and your teammates compete together for fun prizes. Participation is more important than winning, but of course it remains a challenge to cycle as many laps as possible.
How does it work?

  • A team consists of 3 people, each with their own bike.
  • Any type of bike is allowed except an e-bike. Wearing a helmet is required!
  • Everyone is allowed to participate. A competition license is (preferably) not necessary!
  • This fun contest lasts three hours.
  • Tour de Campus takes place on our criterium course (length 2.2 km).
  • Participants alternate every 20 minutes in relay form.
  • When changing, a bottle with a time attendance chip is passed on.
  • Each participant cycles 3x 20 minutes.
  • In between you have 2x 40 minutes rest
  • The ladies and gentlemen team that has cycled the most laps after 3 hours wins!
  • There is also a prize for the team that finishes in the middle of the race and the team that finishes second last!

Start Saturday 22 June at 12.00 hrs.
Location: High Tech Campus
Participation €30 per team