Welkom bij het High Tech Crit Festival.

We zien je graag op het High Tech Crit Festival. Een uniek concept waarbij technologie wordt gecombineerd met wielrennen en plezier. Schrijf je nu in.

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Women Cycling Criterium

Women Cycling Criterium

Women cycling The Netherlands criterium

Since 2012, women’s cycling in the Netherlands organizes an accessible competition for riders of the training groups Women’s cycling and cycling associations with amateur riders. The competition consists of 7 races in 2019, including the criterion during our High Tech Crit Festival.

There are 2 categories: category A and category B. If you drive at one of the training groups of Women’s Cycling or at an association that participates in the competition of VW, you can register on this page.

Category A: Riders who have experience in riding competitions and are in possession of a KNWU amateur- / sport class license or a KNWU basic membership.
Category B: Riders with little or no racing experience and riders who find the speed in category A too high. A KNWU basic membership is a prerequisite for starting.

If you are not a member of the training groups of Women’s Cycling or at a club that participates in the VW competition, you can participate as an individual rider. Please send an email to the organizing committee of the VW competition vwcompetitie@gmail.com Specify in which category you want to start and what kind of competition experience you have.

More information about the VW competition can be found at www.vrouwenwielrennen.nl