Welkom bij het High Tech Crit Festival.

We zien je graag op het High Tech Crit Festival. Een uniek concept waarbij technologie wordt gecombineerd met wielrennen en plezier. Schrijf je nu in.

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Our ambassadors

Our ambassadors Bram Tankink and Puck Moonen!

We are very proud to announce that LottoNL-Jumbo cyclist Bram Tankink and Lotto Soudal cyclist Puck Moonen are the ambassadors for the High-Tech Criot Festival!

Bram Tankink is one of the most experienced cyclists in the professional cycling. Within the team he takes the captain position and knows how to keep spirits high. Tankink currently is in his final season as a professional cyclist, and loves to share his insight with aspiring talents, and he cheers on new innovations in cycling. His LottoNL Jumbo team has engaged in an assessment at TU/Eindhoven’s wind tunnel, and is the first professional team to have done so. The facility is an innovative element that is part of the cycling festival. Corporate teams that participate in the team time trial will be given this assessment for free!

Last year, Puck Moonen made a quite name for herself. Her good looks may currently make more headlines, but this coming season Moonen is determined to show off solid achievements as well. The cyclist was born in the Eindhoven region and trains regularly in the environs of the High-Tech Campus. Moonen shows a great interest in innovations in cycling which help her to improve her abilities in the sport.

Both cyclists have all it takes to fulfill the role of ambassador. Whenever their schedule permits, both will attend the High-Tech Crit Festival’s many events, and they may even partake in the criterium!